Jimmie Allen turned to social media to vent his frustrations with BET on Tuesday (May 14), claiming the network will not play his videos.

Allen pointed out in a tweet that BET stands for Black Entertainment Television, but they won't play his clips.

"Last time I checked I was black," he writes. "People worried about 'Nashville' not letting black country artist in but yet BET won't let black country artist in. Nashville let me in," he continues, adding the tea emoji, frog emoji and sassy emoji.

Cam replied with a gif of Paddington Bear drinking tea. Another Twitter user fired back at Allen's tweet, writing, "You thought you had a point with this. BET doesn’t play music videos aside from on its BET 'Jams' station which is specifically geared towards hip hop/rnb."

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Allen replied to the tweet by stating, "All my tweets are thought out. Will everyone agree with them no... That's fine we all have our own opinion."

He reiterated that the channel represents itself as black, and by that measure, he should qualify.

"If not they should change their name," Allen concludes.

BET may not accept his music, but the country industry has been embracing Allen, who's one of Taste of Country's 2019 RISERS. Allen celebrated a three week No. 1 hit with his debut single, "Best Shot," earlier this year. His latest single "Make Me Want To" is at radio now. Both songs appear on his debut album, Mercury Lane.

Allen will be hitting the road this summer with Chris Young and Rascal Flatts.

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