One couldn't ask for better night to kick back and enjoy a country concert at the Dubuque County Fair. The packed Grandstands saw two energetic performances.
It was Iowa native (Stout, Ia.) Jay Allen opened up the night with his country- rock sound. But the moment that many will remember is when Jay had his Mom; who has Alzheimer, on stage as he sang "Blank Stares". Jay Allen could be on the cusp of stardom? We will have to wait and see.
Jake Owen took to the stage and was non stop and entertaining. He sang hits "The One That Got Away", "Barefoot Blue Jean Night", "Alone With You", "Don't Think I Can't Love You", "Yee Haw", "Beachin'", "American Country Love Song" and his recent #1 "I Was Jack (You Were Diane)".
What a BIG night for the Dubuque County Fair. Can't wait to see who will be coming next year.

Photos are courtesy of Julie B.

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