Social media is buzzing with a possible photo of the Loch Ness Monster.

Steve Challice, from Southampton, took the picture of what he describes as a "big fish" while on holiday in Scotland - but when he posted it online people began commenting that it could be Nessie. Steve says he was only 30 feet away when he took the picture, and he thinks it was around eight feet long.  So the size might be an optical illusion.  He thinks it was just a big fish, or maybe a seal.  Other people think he's lying, and that it's photoshopped.

Whether or not you believe him...I'm wondering why he waited an entire year to release it?  Sounds fishy(sorry couldn't resist).  Either way it's a great topic of conversation and could just be one "whale" of a story(sorry still couldn't resist).

See more on the story HERE

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