You might know your Starbucks order like the back of your hand, but have you heard about their secret menu filled with crazy concoctions?

If you don’t know, Starbucks has a hidden menu full of random drinks that are unique and delicious. The team at Workshopedia explored this menu to discover the most popular secret Starbucks menu item in every state. They analyzed the search volume for the 29 top secret menu items over the past year, then mapped out the most trending drinks across the country. Here’s what they found:

In Iowa, the Pink Drink is the most popular Starbucks Secret Menu drink, based on search volume over the last year. The Pink Drink reigned supreme, winning 20 states overall (and it’s so good, too).

Wisconsin favors the Purple Drink.  And Illinois has a fancy for Smores Frappuccino.

Now that I've posted this item can It really be considered a "secret".  Or maybe just the fact they we know about makes us feel like we're part of some secret society that knows more than the average

You can check out the full map and all of these hidden gems here. Think your audience should try a Pink Drink the next time they order their Starbies?


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