Yard sale, garage sale, or rummage sale. No matter what you call it, it all adds up to savings on everything from baby blankets and strollers to golf clubs and lawnmowers.  The bargains are waiting for you as community-wide garage sales start popping up all over the tri-states.

One of the first is this Thursday thru Saturday (April 7-9) in Farley, Iowa.  Maps for the Farley garage sales will be available HERE

The city of Dubuque is NOT having a designated weekend for garage sales this year.  However free garage sale kits are available at Dupaco Credit Union locations.

Here's a schedule of other upcoming garage sales throughout the Tri-States:

April 23rd 7AM-2PM      BELLEVUE     Maps at convenience stores and Benders Foods

April 28-30                     EPWORTH      Maps HERE

May 4-7                          ASBURY         Maps HERE

May 4-7                        CASCADE

May 5-7                         EAST DUBUQUE, IL        Map HERE   

May 6-7                        CUBA CITY   

May 12-14                    DICKEYVILLE/KIELER     Maps at local businesses

May 14th                       MAQUOKETA               Maps published in Sentinel Press

May 20-21                    PLATTEVILLE                Maps at Platteville Chamber

May 20-21                    HAZEL GREEN             Maps at Village Hall and Post Office

June 1-4                        DYERSVILLE                Maps HERE

June 3-4                        GUTTENBERG              Maps published in Guttenberg press

June 4th                        ELIZABETH, IL              Maps HERE

June 17-18                    STOCKTON, IL           Map to be published in The Scoop Today

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