A brand new brewery is set to hold a soft opening this weekend in Guttenberg, IA.

Guttenberg Brewing Company's doors are finally set to open. Its owner, Kathryn Klaes, might only be 24-years-old, but with a background in chemistry and engineering, she undoubtedly has the knowledge to make this project a delicious success. Her love for craft beer also helps.

Guttenberg's population might only be roughly 1,700, but Klaes conducted a study and discovered that the town is indeed a destination. People from neighboring towns flock there on weekends, causing the population to double. Sometimes even triple. The town even made Forbes' list of "America's Prettiest Towns."

Klaes and her new venture intend to capitalize on all of that. Guttenberg Brewing will be the first brewery in the town in over a century.

While neither a beer nor food menu has been posted at this time, Klaes said last year she intended to start with more traditional beer styles, such as IPAs, Belgians, and hefeweizens. Between those three, most beer drinkers will immediately have a style that suits their palette. Klaes also said that she anticipates offering light-bites such as pretzels and charcuterie boards as well.

"Beer is what brings us together and the brewery can’t wait to welcome you with a cold draft and the friendly crew at GBCO!" is the statement on Guttenberg Brewing's website.

It's a process, however. Klaes is opting for the smart play in easing residents into a completely new scene. One that's not only been absent from the community for decades, but one that tends to skew to the younger crowd. She's also covered her bases in having Guttenberg Brewing sponsor local events in effort to encourage more to be present in the area.

With a soft opening set for Memorial Day weekend, a grand opening is planned for the following weekend, June 3rd and 4th!

Guttenberg Brewing Company is located at 530 S. 1st Street.

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