Granger Smith closed out 2016 with a special treat for fans. The singer debuted the emotional video for a new song, "Tractor," via Facebook.

This is not just any video, as the song pays tribute to Smith's late father.

"Making this video was very special to me," Smith writes. "The man isn't an actor, it's my dad's lifelong best friend. This isn't a music video set, it's dad's barn, dad's field, dad's tractor. I still miss him every day." Smith is the lone writer of the song that he says "kind of poured out" after he and his brothers visited their father's farm after his death.

The track is featured on his major label debut album, Remington, which also includes his first No. 1 country hit, "Backroad Song," and current single, "If the Boot Fits." Smith describes it as a "bonus video" on YouTube.

The entire album is very personal to the singer.

“This album kinda represents the last two years of my life,” Smith says. “It’s a diary, a snapshot of who I am.”

The country singer has been recovering from injures suffered from a rough stage fall in early December. Smith took a violent tumble when he fell off the stage at a show at the Starland Ballroom in New Jersey on Dec. 2, resulting in two broken ribs and a punctured lung. The singer gave fans an update soon after the accident to let them know he's okay and recuperating at home in Texas.

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