Garth Brooks continues to prove why he's built one of the largest fanbases in the world with a selfless invitation to a fan across the pond.

During a Q&A session on Brooks' Studio G livestream earlier this week (Feb. 5), a fan named Elizabeth Wadin called in from Sweden. She wanted not only share her journey of becoming a Garth Brooks fan (just a year ago!) and thank him for radiating love and kindness, but also to ask for suggestions on where she and her husband should stop on a honeymoon roadtrip from Texas to Florida .

Wadin may have had to pick her jaw up off the floor after hearing Brooks' reply.

“I’m gonna get my butt kicked by my wife for this one. What would you think about you and your husband ... why don't the stop you make in Nashville, why don't you come to our house and have dinner with me and Ms. Yearwood?" Brooks says, extending the best invitation any fan could dream of.

"You let me know when you're going to be here and I'll make sure, because that was a sweet, sweet thing what you said about the country music audience, you are 100 percent correct, and it would be a joy to have you in our house and introduce you to the queen," he continues in the above video.

Like any country fan new or old would be, Wadin was stunned by Brooks' invite, sharing with her gratitude with fellow fans.

Skeptics, be assured: Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are bound to fulfill the invite, as Yearwood has previously explained that she and her husband really do make good on the promises they make to fans, whether it's baking a cake with a fan who has cancer or promising to pay for the college tuition of a couple's unborn baby.

What can they say, they're givers!

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