Florida Georgia Line's "Can't Hide Red" lyrics pay homage to the hell-raising, clean-living country way of life.

Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard co-wrote the song along with Ben Stennis, James Malcolm III McNair and Robert Henry Hatch. They recorded it with Jason Aldean as a collaboration on their new album, Can't Say I Ain't Country.

This isn't the first time the duo have worked with Aldean. Both Kelley and Hubbard co-wrote Aldean's “Burnin’ It Down” in 2014, his “Lights Come On" in 2016 and most recently his smash “You Make It Easy."

FGL gave fans an inside look at their creative process behind the album, including their collaboration with Aldean.

"'Can't Hide Red' is every redneck's anthem. We had so much fun recording that one. It kind of started off as a joke song to be honest, and then it turned into a rocker we couldn't not put on this album," Hubbard says.

Choosing Aldean for the feature was a no-brainer for the duo, Hubbard continued.

"We just had to call up one of our favorite redneck buddies and try to get him on the song. He heard it and was pumped about it and it's the perfect fit. He crushed this song, and it wouldn't be the same without him on it. For everybody out there, crank this up, and don't be ashamed when you can't hide red."

Check out the lyrics to "Can't Hide Red" below.

Florida Georgia Line and Jason Aldean's "Can't Hide Red" Lyrics:

You can trade that pickup for a brand new Cadillac / Slap you on that custom Gucci suit and ditch that camo hat / You can move from the boondocks to Beverly Hills / Drop a little hip-hop in the boombox, but still

You can't hide red / Don't you know we were born this way / You can't hide red / You can see it in everything / Yeah, like the way we walk, the way we talk / It's the down-home way we raised / Don't ever wanna, ain't ever gonna change / You can't hide red / With that twang when we sang / You can't hide red / Yeah, we smoke and we drink / You can't hide red.

You might catch us holding doors / Sayin' grace and thank you, Lord / For the good times and the good life we all live, amen / So what if we are backwards, just because you talkin' faster / Hell, you ain't got no tabaccer in your lip.

Repeat Chorus

You can move from the boondocks to Beverly Hills / Drop a little hip-hop in the boombox, but still

Repeat Chorus

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