It was another fun Friday on the Good Morning Rodeo with Karl K. providing a great weekend forecast of sunny skies and temperatures in the low to mid-70s. It'll be nice to have another autumn weekend of warm weather.

One of the seven o'clock segments is the Flashbacks, where we look back at events on that particular day. Part of the fun is discovering and sharing what culturally significant events happened on this day in history.



Each day offers ongoing surprises and actual flashbacks for myself and the listeners.

A historical moment occurred on October 21, 1879, when Thomas Edison created a light bulb that burned for 13.5 hours, far longer than any previous effort.

Significant Country Music Moments

I had a music flashback upon seeing the name Don Williams. In 1980 he was at #1 on the Country music charts with "I Believe in You," Unkown to me until this morning, but this song was Williams' eleventh #1 hit song.

I recall being a kid in Dubuque in 1980. Back then, school bus drivers were allowed to play the radio on the way to and from school, with the station typically set to WDBQ AM.

It may be an exaggeration, but "I Believe in You" was played hourly on the station, or so it seemed to this kid. And why not? It was an international hit song for Williams spending a few weeks at #1 and several weeks near the top of the charts. Besides, it's a sweet message of believing in the basics of life while not getting caught up in daily distractions.

But really, the Flashback for me is countless bus rides with that Willams song as part of the background with WDBQ as Dubuque's popular radio station.


  • In 1993 American singer and songwriter Kane Brown was born on this date. Happy Birthday, Kane!
  • Rascal Flatts wat #1 in 2007 with their fifth studio album, Still Feels Good.
  • In 2020 at the CMT Music Awards, two winners stood out as award winners for Video of the Year going to Carrie Underwood for "Drinking Alone," Underwood's career success has been phenomenal, seeing her getting award upon award year after year. 
  • Luke Bryan won Male Video of the Year for his song "One Margarita," It's also a fun song. 

I came very close to playing a Rascal Flats tune but decided to call an audible at the last second. So I instead opted for some Willie & Toby singing "Beer for My Horses." as the morning's Flashback song.

That's the Good Morning Rodeo Flashback from Friday, October 21, 2022.



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