Major League Baseball recently hosted an online lottery for Iowa residents to have the opportunity to purchase tickets to see the Chicago White Sox face the New York Yankees.

According to our news partners at the Dubuque Telegraph Herald, tickets for the Major League Baseball game at the Field of Dreams in Dyersville next week carry a very expensive price tag.

The Telegraph Herald spoke with two local residents who were lucky enough to be chosen in the MLB lottery.  Each were notified yesterday around 4pm that they would be given the chance to purchase 2 tickets each to the game.  Pricing details were not announced at that time.

Today those residents were notified that they would need to come up with hundreds of dollars to purchase the tickets.  Each was given the opportunity to purchase 2 tickets to the game at a price of $375 each.  Think that's pricey?   Stub Hub today had a single ticket in left field priced at over $12,000!

Up this point officials have not indicated how many seats are being allocated to Iowa residents

The August 12th game between the White Sox and Yankees was originally scheduled for last year but the COVID-19 pandemic caused the game to be postponed to this year.


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