This Sunday April 22nd is earth day, a day dedicated to mother earth.

What have you done today or what do you plan to do today to help Mother Earth?  I'll admit it was my daughter Carrie that really got me into thinking about waste and how to recycle when I can. For me I try to be the one in charge of recycling at the radio station.  I'll admit it's been a struggle to get everyone on board.  I still see cardboard boxes, plastic bottles and more getting put in our dumpster.  I won't go dumpster diving to recycle, but I will admit I've removed an item or two from the waste basket in the studio for recycling.  I know I'm just one person, but we have to start somewhere right.  If you don't have someone at your workplace in charge of recycling, why not volunteer to be that person.  Who knows the earth you save could be your own,  For 8 quick and easy ideas on how to recycle at work CLICK HERE.  For a list of recycling centers in your state click one of the following links.

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