The Dubuque Police Department conducted a seatbelt survey during the month of April 2021. The results of this survey are reported to the Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau.

The survey encompassed residential, commercial, industrial, and highway routes. The survey results are calculated from a random sampling of 100 vehicles in each of the four listed areas:

The survey area as follows:

Commercial Area: 9th Street/Main Street:                  77%
Residential Area: Hillcrest/Carter Road:                    83%
Highway Area: HWY 20/Devon Drive:                       72%
Industrial Area: Kerper/ Fengler:                               79%

OVERALL COMPLIANCE:                                             77.75%                                     The Dubuque Police Department will maintain both awareness and enforcement of safety belt and child restraint violations within the City. Our goal is to continue to reduce serious injury and fatality accidents.

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