The City of Dubuque has launched DBQ Shovel Crew, a volunteer-based snow shoveling program. The program pairs volunteers with residents who are physically and financially unable to remove snow and ice from the sidewalk adjacent to their property and do not have other resources to clear it such as neighbors, friends, or a hired service.

Volunteer DBQ, a partnership between City of Dubuque AmeriCorps and the United Way of Dubuque Area Tri-States, is seeking volunteers to join the DBQ Shovel Crew. The commitment is to care for a particular address, or addresses, throughout the winter season. Volunteers are asked to provide their own snow-removal equipment. To volunteer as an individual or group, go to, click volunteer now, and search for DBQ Shovel Crew.

To qualify for assistance with snow and ice removal, the property must be owner-occupied, and the resident must be physically unable to remove snow and meet the income guidelines. For more information or to apply for assistance, visit or contact City of Dubuque Right-of-Way Technician Rob McDonald at 563.589.4159.

The snow removal assistance program will have limited capacity and operate on a first-come, first-served basis. The number of volunteers identified will ultimately determine the number of DBQ Shovel Crew pairings that can be made through the program. is an online portal to connect residents with volunteer opportunities in the community. Volunteer DBQ builds relationships between residents, local nonprofits, schools, local governments, and businesses to achieve organizational goals and community-wide success, changing the way the community looks at volunteering and broadening what it means to serve.

For more information about Volunteer Dubuque, contact Sarah Berna, AmeriCorps Coordinator with the City of Dubuque, at 563.580.6942 or

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