Dubuque County supervisors voted unanimously today to extend the countywide mask mandate.  The Supervisors meeting held on line today included more than a half hour of public imput including both those opposed and for the mandate. Earlier this week the Dubuque County Board of Health approved the extension unanimously earlier this week.

Without today's extension, the County mandate would have expired on Monday, March 1st.

The mask mandate requires that anyone older than 2 wear face coverings in indoor public spaces and outdoor public areas where social distancing is not possible. Businesses are required to post signage stating that they require masks and to provide masks for customers who do not bring their own. The mandate covers all of Dubuque County outside of the city of Dubuque, which has its own mandate.

The extension keeps it in place until June 15, until qualified individuals in the Phase 1B category — including those 65-and-older and front-line essential workers — have received a COVID-19 vaccine if they want it, or until the mandate is rescinded by the county Board of Health.

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