If you think you're seeing more and more drones above the City of Dubuque...you are!

The City of Dubuque recently began utilizing drones, as efficient, safe, and effective inspection tools.  Several City departments use drones to aid in emergency responses, inspect critical infrastructure, access hard-to-reach areas, and record aerial video for public information efforts.

Over the past year, members of the City’s fire department, police department, engineering department, and cable TV division have passed the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Small Unmanned Aircraft Regulations - Part 107 exam and are certified remote pilots.  Their use of the craft has included pre/during/post-construction inspections, stream bank stabilization/erosion inspections, utility alignment corridor inspections, a count of fallen trees within detention basin areas, project status updates, bridge/structure inspections, and capturing photo/video for public awareness specific to projects within Dubuque.

It's a bird...it's a plane....it's a drone!

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