Imagine you're a dog, caught in a fire waiting for help.  You finally get rescued by a firefighter and think you're safe.  Just to find out you're injured and your owner chooses to have you euthanized because treatment would be too expensive.

According to KCCI in Des Moines, that is exactly what happened last month.  The story from KCCi says In September, authorities were called to an apartment fire. As they extinguished the fire, they found and rescued a 16-month-old Mastiff. First responders supplied the dog with oxygen.

Animal Control arrived and explained the treatment for the dog would be expensive and the other option was the euthanize the dog. The owner opted for euthanizing the dog, but a firefighter stepped in.

Malcolm Cortner, who had assisted in pulling the dog out of the building, asked to take ownership of the Mastiff along with the medical expenses.

The previous owner gave the dog over to Cortner and a new family was formed. We are glad to report that the dog, George, is now happy and healthy in his new home.

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