Savannah Dahan is a Carrie Underwood fan who has learned to love her music in her own way. A video of the 8-year-old signing the lyrics to Underwood's "The Champion" — a collaboration with Ludacris — went viral and even caught the attention of the star herself!

Savannah is from Fredrick, Md., in a video captured by her father and uploaded to YouTube, uses American Sign Language to go all out to the upbeat song, which was an anthem for the 2018 Super Bowl.

"She asked us to record her because she likes to see herself perform," Savannah's dad, Richard Dahan, tells Today in an interview.

She's not the only one — after Underwood saw the video, she tweeted to Savannah that she would love to meet her, writing: "Savannah, you're amazing!"

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The young girl was born with moderate/severe hearing loss and uses hearing aids from time to time at school and home, but identifies herself as deaf. Savannah's parents and two siblings are also deaf, so they use ASL at home to communicate with one another.

"She first memorizes the lyrics and then learns to match the beats with those lyrics, that is how she is able to follow the song," Dahan says. "(She) loves to sign songs in the same way as other kids to sing."

One can only assume Ms. Underwood will go out of her way to meet Savannah at one of her upcoming shows on the Cry Pretty 360 Tour, which launches in May.

Support for Savannah has come from around the globe. "We were very surprised to see that both hearing and deaf people have responded positively," her dad says. "Her performance has touched many people and many people have reached out to express how that song helped them."

The family hopes that the video going viral will bring to light a special issue: "We hope the video will show the importance of early exposure to ASL and for the world to see kids with proper communication access at school and home can express themselves just as rich and beautiful as kids that can hear."

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