I expected a lot more difficulty.  My experience in getting my first COVID19 vaccination in Dubuque was remarkably simple.  Anticipating some hassle, I arrived early, a good 20 minutes ahead of my 1:25 PM appointment.  Instead of trouble, I was greeted at the door with no waiting, then ushered to a table where workers were confirming insurance information.  After receiving a questionnaire, I was directed to another table near by.  As I recall I had to write and print my name, and check a couple boxes, and that was pretty much the extent of the form.  As I finished that, someone was asking me which in which shoulder I'd like to have my injection.  After a quick needle poke, it was over to a waiting area to be certain I didn't experience any sort of  dangerous reaction, and I was on my way back out the door.

I can't think of any way in which things could have gone more smoothly (OK, a more prepared patient may have been smart enough to wear a short-sleeved shirt).  Kudos and thanks to everyone involved.  Coordinating the legal, medical, and logistic issues involved is an enormous undertaking, and I couldn't have been more impressed with the organization and professionalism from everyone I encountered.

I'll be going back for the follow-up injection, and I'm feeling confident that that trip will go smoothly, too.  Even if it doesn't, my initial visit was a breeze.


If you need more information on vaccinations, here are some links: