Celebrity Apprentice has been a good showcase for country music: Two of the show's champions -- John Rich and Trace Adkins -- have been from the country music world. (Clint Black also competed during a season of the show, though he was -- rather bizarrely -- fired after losing a task in which the object was to write a commercial jingle.)

So, who should be the next country star to compete on Celebrity ApprenticeToby Keith has the business acumen to do well, and Tim McGraw has showed his mettle by surviving decades of changes to remain relevant in the music business. But you wouldn't want to bet against the feisty Miranda Lambert -- especially if she was playing for her beloved animal charity, MuttNation Foundation.

Then again, Dolly Parton may very well be the shrewdest performer in country music, controlling an empire that includes song publishing, books, movies and one of the country's most successful theme park attractions. And Blake Shelton has demonstrated that, underneath his disarmingly funny persona, he has a mind like a steel trap.

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