Not even a full year after he proved to be a laugh riot at the Five Flags Center, a popular comedian and TikTok star will be back in the Key City as part of his "Midwest Survival Guide Tour."

That man is none other than Wisconsin native Charlie Berens, who has made a name for himself thanks to the Manitowoc Minute. Referencing the Wisconsin city, the weekly video series features segments highlighting Midwestern culture: everything from commercial staples such as Kwik Trip and Fleet Farm to catchphrases such as "watch out for deer" and "tell your folks I says hi!"

When and Where?:

If you missed Berens at Five Flags in September, you'll have a second chance to see him at University of Dubuque's Heritage Center on Friday, March 31st, 2023 at 8pm. The UD Heritage Center's 10th season has already been off to a notable start, with performances from B2wins, comedian Mike Paramore, and even UD alum Tony Danza on homecoming weekend last month!

Berens' show will be a fantastic way to keep the commemorative season rolling along, as shows of various genres will continue through the first week of May!

Where Can I Buy Tickets for Charlie Berens?:

If you want tickets to see Charlie Berens' at UD Heritage Center, you're going to want to save this link right here. Tickets will go on sale Monday, November 14th at 11am!

Tickets will be available from 11am to 2pm Monday to Friday at Farber Box Office inside Heritage Center (location information below). You can also call 563-585-SHOW.

More About Charlie Berens:

Photo Credit: Charlie Berens, TikTok
Photo Credit: Charlie Berens, TikTok

Berens began his career as a journalist, covering Wisconsin state politics in the late 2000s before pivoting into TV with KDAF-TV, where he won his first Regional Emmy. He parlayed that success into an opportunity hosting a game-show called You're So Money with CBS Sports Network.

Life really started to change for Berens once he created and birthed the Manitowoc Minute. To date, he's amassed over 2.5 million followers on TikTok, and has been taking his "Midwest Survival Guide Tour" across the country, namely to the types of towns in the Midwest he likes to jab in his comedy.

Tickets for Berens' performance at UD Heritage Center will go live on their website this Monday, November 14th at 11am. UD Heritage Center is located at 2255 Bennett Street. Stay up to date with other events at UD Heritage Center via their website and Facebook page!

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