After a year of NO Concerts at the Dubuque County Fair.  Thursday night LIVE Country Music was finally back on the main stage.  Mother Nature even cooperated too; Upper 70's, no humidity and no rain.

Casey Muessigmann from Spencer, Iowa got the crowd warmed up.  Then Chris Lane took to the stage; singing hits "Fix", "I Don't Know About You" and "Big, Big Plans".  A tribute to the 90's was a crowd pleaser too. Chris's energy, entertaining and engaging personality really fired up the crowd of all ages.  Chris mentioned on stage that they've played for bigger crowds, but never one this loud.  Throw in an on-stage marriage proposal (she said YES) and you've got a great night of entertainment.

Awesome night of country music.  Thanks to the Dubuque County Fair for the great entertainment.  So who would you like to see at the 69th Dubuque County Fair in 2022??? Let us know here:

Photos are courtesy of Julie B.


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