Charlie Daniels isn't holding his thoughts back about the new current country music being played on the radio.

When the Charlie Daniels Band frontman was asked in a Fox News interview if he was okay with bands like Florida Georgia Line creating new elements and sub-genres in country music, he gave an honest answer. As soon as Daniels replied "No," the crowd cheered.

"I can't tell one artist from the other," Daniels admitted. "And I don't mean it in a critical sort of way because I'm a living-life kind of guy; we do our thing and let everybody do their thing," he told the crowd.

Daniels pointed out that when he and his band were just starting out in music, people thought they were shifting the genre and narrative.

"When I say something like that, people think I'm being critical and I'm not," Daniels explained. "We were considered pretty radical when we came around. All I'm saying, from my point of view, I can't tell one song from the other."

Daniels went onto clarify that he doesn't even consider himself or the band "country." He clarifies: "The stuff we played, they said, 'That ain't country.' I said I never claimed to be country. We play American music. We play some of all the music that's come across in America. We play country and bluegrass and rock and gospel and jazz and everything."

The band just celebrated the 40th anniversary of their smash hit "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." The Charlie Daniels Band is currently on tour with Travis Tritt on the Renegades and Outlaw Tour.

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