The last interview of Charlie Daniels' life is scheduled to air tonight on Fox.  In it, Charlie shared the story of his decision to play music full time and a man who changed his whole life.

Daniels said; "(Work) started slowing down and they were going to lay him off and keep me.  He knew ten times more about the job than I did, but the only problem was, this was 1958.  He was Black and I was White.  That's what made the decision."

"It was like comparing apples to oranges as far as who did the job better.  They were gonna let him go, and keep me who was basically just a novice, and I said, 'You know, no.  I've got a job.  I play music.  Y'all keep him and I'll leave.'"

"And I did.  He stayed in that job and he retired from that job . . . [and] he changed my whole life."

Charlie also shared details on the beginning of his musical career with WJOD's Tim Koehler in an interview last September.  Check it out here.

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