The Carnegie-Stout Public Library is working with the Loras College Public Opinion Survey Center and Braun Research Incorporated to conduct a community survey by phone. The library would like to alert the Dubuque community that the calls for this survey will come from New Jersey and Nebraska phone numbers, which is where the call centers are located.

The purpose of this survey is to understand the satisfaction of library services, identify barriers to access, determine the need or interest for a West End site, and to use as a development tool for the library strategic plan.

The library recognizes the inclination to not answer or to hang up on unfamiliar callers, but hopes community members will heed this alert to participate in the survey.

The mission of the Carnegie-Stout Public Library is to improve the quality of life by providing resources for individual enjoyment, enlightenment, and knowledge, and that enhance the literacy of youth. Learn more at

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