Brothers Osborne takes fans behind the scenes for the filming of their music video "I Don't Remember Me (Before You)," and it's one wild ride, for sure.

The video was directed by another duo (Wes Edwards and Ryan Silver), and shows what filming with real live bulls is like. If you're having trouble wrapping your head around jumping in the ring with a bull, it also demonstrates what it takes to wrangle one of the beasts well enough to catch the perfect shot for the video.

Director Edwards says, "Third video with the Bros; we really love working with them. One unique thing about the brothers' video is that they are totally cool with it being story-driven, we don't have any performance shots where they're singing to a track. That's really exciting because you have a lot more opportunity to create a rich story."

Silver continues, "The song has lent itself to these kind of cinematic moments and imagery, [so] we thought, 'Why not bull riding?'"

As for the brothers themselves, they were on board with the idea right off the bat. "When Wes and Ryan sent us their idea for it, we fell in love immediately with it," they say. "We thought it was really cool, considering the lyrics and the chorus: 'I heard I was a wild one
I feel like a child, son.' I think that's very indicative of what the rodeo life is, they're all crazy, wild characters and they're obsessed with this. They wake up every morning and go to bed every night thinking about it."

John Osborne plays a spotter in the ring, while TJ plays an EMT trying to save the bull rider's life. TJ notes his role is hilarious: "Really the roles should have been reversed," he observes.

John admitted that he considered being a rodeo clown as a child, but when his team told him he would play a bullfighter/spotter, he couldn't prepare himself enough. He was in the pen with the actual bull for the shots. Though his childhood dream didn't come true, he still came as close to being a professional bull wrangler as he'll probably ever get!

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