Being a newlywed, chances are that Brett Young will do something sweet and romantic for his wife, Taylor.

"Valentine’s Day is gonna be hard for me from now on because I got engaged last Valentine’s Day," Young acknowledges. "Not on the day of, two days later, because it fell on a Wednesday when we were playing the rodeo and that didn't feel like the right day to do it. But our Valentine's dinner was the night I proposed."

He Could Try Singing This to Her?

Young married his longtime girlfriend, Taylor Mills, on Nov. 3, 2018 in Palm Springs, Calif., with his father (and manager) officiating the wedding and 200 friends and family on hand.

The "In Case You Didn't Know" hitmaker knows an engagement is a big deal, but romantic gestures should be a part of every day life.

"I think I like grand gestures, but I think you can get so caught up in grand gestures that you forget that you have to do things every day as well," he says, "and so I probably fall somewhere in between. I think a holiday like that is important to do something bigger than your every day or your monthly flower delivery."

Young admitted to Taste of Country that he and his wife would like to start a family in 2019. This spring, he'll be on the road with Kelsea Ballerini and newcomer Brandon Ratcliff on the Miss Me More Tour in April and May. Young will appear at the Taste of Country Festival in New York in June.

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