For those who have never heard of the concept of a "bin store," allow me to explain.

Think of it like a treasure hunt. Bin stores are generally warehouse/department store-sized buildings that guessed it, bins filled with merchandize. There's no shortage of stuff: home good supplies, electronics, toys, books, etc.

The merchandize is also deeply discounted, allowing for people to save tremendously on a wide variety of items.

Dubuque is now home to DaaBIN Store, a company that's predicated on this exact concept. Their new Dubuque location at 4482 Dodge Street marks the fourth location in North Carolina and Iowa since October.

DaaBIN runs a different deal every day, as laid out on their website. On Saturdays, any item customers can unearth in the store's many bins is priced at $7. On Sunday, the price drops to $5. Then $3 on Monday, and eventually, $1 on Tuesday. Finally, on Wednesdays, the last of the items are sold at $10 per 19-gallon bag.

The store is then closed on Thursday and Friday to restock the bins. Come Saturday, the cycle starts all over again.

There's also an attention-getting bell in the store. The bell gets rung each time a customer finds an item worth more than $100. During the store's grand opening this past Saturday, a man rung the bell after finding a car jack and a pair of inline skates.

DaaBIN Store also has an opening station in the back of the store. It's where staff members will open the boxes, so customers can see what they're purchasing and/or test out electronics to assure they're in working order.

A bin store, like a flea market or a rummage sale, is the kind of place you go to without a shopping list. Maybe you have a general idea of what you want to buy. But part of the fun is just going with an open mind to see what treasures you can unearth.

And after a long day of digging, if you find something worthwhile, that only makes the hunt sweeter.

Click here to find out more about how DaaBIN operates or here to view their "store locator."

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