The title The Angry Birds Movie 2 does not instill confidence. They didn’t even call it The Angry Birds Movie Too! And given the critical drubbing the first movie got, with just a 44 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, a person would have been well within their rights to assume the sequel would be a disaster.

But that’s not how things have worked out. Critics are raving about The Angry Birds Movie 2. Justin Chang from The Los Angeles Times called it “a riotous burst of computer-animated slapstick silliness.” Matt Zoller Seitz of exclaimed “The goofier and more random the movie is, the better it is, and it certainly gets goofier and more random as it goes.”

These are not isolated incidents either. In fact, The Angry Birds Movie 2 currently has an impressive Rotten Tomatoes score of 70 — which makes it the best reviewed video game movie in history. At least at the moment; here are the entries on Rotten Tomatoes’ list of best (and worst, cause most of them are bad) reviewed video game adaptations ever:

  1. The Angry Birds Movie 2 - 70
  2. Detective Pikachu - 68
  3. Tomb Raider - 52
  4. Rampage - 52
  5. Mortal Kombat - 46
  6. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within - 45
  7. The Angry Birds Movie - 44
  8. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter - 38
  9. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - 37
  10. Resident Evil - 35

With a 68, Detective Pikachu isn’t far off of the prize here; if a few film critics get angry like birds this week, then that adorable Pokemon could reclaim this dubious honor and knock The Angry Birds Movie 2 off its perch. Either way, the fact that The Angry Birds sequel got significantly more positive reviews than the first film feels like a major accomplishment in and of itself. How often does the sequel to an underwhelming kids movie — much less one based on a video game — do better with critics than the original?

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