My wife Shari and I...okay mostly my wife were doing a little spring cleaning over the Memorial Day Weekend.  Now I would never consider us "hoarders" however it's obvious we hang on to things a little longer than maybe we should.

Case in point.  Shari works from home and just got a new "stand up" desk.  In order to make room for it in her office we had to remove a few items she no longer uses (Luckily I wasn't one of them!)  Anyway, among the things we removed was a box with various items.  Old power cords, a computer mouse, and this little beauty (see photo)

welcome to the internet

I love the headline..."the Wonders of the Internet".  Nether one of us are sure what year it was but the computer was called a "Gateway2000, so I'm guessing is was around the year 2000.  Just for the record, I googled it and apparently the internet was invented in August 1962.  If you want to know about the introduction of the internet CLICK HERE.

I can remember referring to the internet as "the world wide web".  Eventually it got shortened to "www" and then the internet.  Now if you even use the internet it makes you sound old.  Most people just say "online".

Who knows what other little jewels we'll find while spring cleaning.  Maybe I'll find our original dustbuster, my sony walkman, or my original mix tape...on cassette of course.  Hey at least I didn't say 8-track even though I'm old enough to remember.  Heck I even remember a guy in high school that had a boom box that played 8-tracks.  If you want to see more items invented between 1950 and 1990 CLICK HERE

Keep checking back to see what other "treasures" we uncover.  I'll let you know if we find my original hair color....

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