So you've taken the time to shovel your driveway and your sidewalk.  That's great.  In fact shoveling your sidewalks is required by the city so if you don't shovel, they will....and then they'll send YOU the bill.  But for right now I'm not worried about your driveway or sidewalk. However I am worried if you have a fire hydrant on your property.   You are not "required" to shovel out a fire hydrant on your street, but it's important that you do.  You see when it comes to fighting a fire, seconds count.  And the easier is it for our local fire fighters to get to a hydrant, the quicker they can start fighting the fire.   I hope you never need to use the fire hydrant on your street, but if you do, let's make sure the fire fighters can find it quickly and easily.  A few minutes of shoveling now could save lives and property in the event of an emergency..  Do us all a favor and clear the fire hydrants in your neighborhood.   Also please share this with your friends and neighbors. If it saves even one persons life, won't it be worth it.    Thanks.