According to the American Psychological Association (APA), Americans are more stressed than ever before. The vast majority of those who responded in the APA's survey cited inflation, personal health issues, and disturbed sleep as some of the perceived culprits in their increasing stress levels.

The website InnerBody recently conducted a survey that looked at stress-by-state. Specifically, they wanted to know which states are the most stressful in which to live and work. Before we see where Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin placed on the list (and which of the three came in as the second most stressful state), here are some of the key takeaways from InnerBody's survey results:

  • Eight of the ten most stressful states to work in are located in the South.
  • By our measures, Minnesota is the least stressful state to work in.
  • Nevada feels the most stress about work overall and ranked highest in the work-related stress category.
  • People in New Mexico feel the most money-related stress in our analysis.
  • Vermont ranked lowest for both work-related and health-related stress.

As InnerBody discovered, while Illinois was ranked #22 overall, it was found to be the #2 most stressful state in which to work. Meanwhile, it ranked as the 32nd and 33rd most stress state when it came to money-related and health-related anxieties, specifically.

Iowa avoided the designation as one of the 25 most stressful states, coming in at #39 overall. Iowa was found to be one of the least-stressful states in which to work (#42), but the 22nd most stressful state when it came to money-related pressures.

Photo Credit: InnerBody
Photo Credit: InnerBody

Right behind Iowa was Wisconsin at #30 overall. Wisconsin was ranked as the 12th most stressful state in which to work, but the second least-stressed state when it came to money woes. That has to count for something, I feel?

Here are the 10 most stressed states, according to InnerBody:

  1. Nevada
  2. Mississippi
  3. West Virginia
  4. Louisiana
  5. North Carolina
  6. Oklahoma
  7. Arkansas
  8. Alabama
  9. Tennessee
  10. Indiana

The most shocking thing about this ranking was that Nevada was only ranked #8 in money-related stress.

Finally, according to CBS News, these were the most stressful jobs in America, as of 2019:

  • Enlisted military personnel of three or four years: $26,802
  • Firefighter: $49,080
  • Airline pilot: $111,930
  • Police officer: $62,960
  • Broadcaster: $62,960
  • Event coordinator: $48,290
  • News reporter: $39,370
  • Public relations executive: $111,280
  • Senior corporate executive: $104,700
  • Taxi driver: $24,880

See the full results of InnerBody's stress survey here.


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