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Tom Brenner

Birthdays?  Anniversaries?  Country Flashback?  

Would you like a Pizza from Fazoli's?

At around 7:35 every weekday morning, Tom shares with you Birthdays and Anniversaries of people in the Tri States.

 If it's your birthday, you could win a delicious pizza from Fazoli's on 16th Street, in Kwik Stop near Kerper on the Mississippi in Dubuque.  

There are two ways to enter;  send the name, date, and the address of the person to:    goodmorningrodeo@hotmail.com or   Tom Brenner, WJOD Good Morning Rodeo, 5490 Saratoga Rd, Dubuque, IA, 52002.  Please send it in plenty of time to make sure we can tell everyone whose birthday or anniversary it is.  

Right after Birthdays and Anniversaries we play a Country Flashback.. A classic country tune that most of us will remember!  Do you have any requests?  Let us know!  goodmorningrodeo@hotmail.com

We will talk with you in the morning!

Tom Brenner ---  WJOD Good Morning Rodeo

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