Ken Peiffer

I was born and raised in the area (Cascade, IA). Been involved in radio since 1983 and have worked for WJOD since 1988. Happily married to my wife Shari since 1986(you'll have to ask her if she agrees on the "happily" part). We ha…

Tim Koehler

Tim Koehler has been entertaining tri-staters on the radio for over 20 years, and in a previous life was half of the Tim & Elle show on another station in town. Tune Tim in for lots of music and fun!

Jolene Kilcoyne

Jolene....has been in the broadcasting business for 30 plus years. A native farm girl from Lancaster, Wisconsin and only child of Gene and Darlene Myers, the best parents a girl could ever have who still reside in Lancaster. Aft…