I think most of us would call the weather we've been experiencing just about ideal.  The humidity is low, the nights cool, the days sunny and warm, and the nice days are coming one right after another.  We're more accustomed to late spring forecasts with huge variations and rapid changes.  This morning we asked listeners to complete this statement: "The only way this weather could be any nicer is..."

Here are a few sample responses:

  • "If I were 30 pounds lighter and could dress to enjoy it!" - Carolyn
  • "If chocolate became calorie-free." - Ed
  • "If my kids were all here to enjoy it with me." - Maryjo
  • "If I won the lottery." - Karl
  • "The bugs were not so crazy." - Jamie
  • "If my dad were alive to share it with me." - Paula
  • "If it came in January." - Susie
  • "With a cold beer." - Jerry.

What do you think?

By the way, we're saving this forecast to review in the depths of winter.